AWFP inspires and empowers women in payments to maximise their individual potential and position themselves for greater personal success. AWFP does this by partnering with companies through collaborative relationship.


Corporate Membership Program Details

By creating a collaborative relationship with AWFP, your organisation will benefit from corporate membership package which provide substantial discounts over the individual membership rates. This gives you the advantage of offering AWFP Membership to all your female employees.


How do your employees benefit from Corporate Sponsorship?

Members of corporate sponsorship will have full access to all of the AWFP membership benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Participation at AWFP and ¬†industry events at discounted membership rates
  • Full access to Career & Leadership Events/Workshops
  • Be part of different committees at AWFP. You will have the opportunity to identify women from your organisation to participate in such committees.
  • Participation in the AWFP, Mentoring Program as both Mentors and Mentees.
  • Guaranteed Speaking slot at annual event
  • Complimentary passes to annual event
  • Corporate Member listing on AWFP page
  • Opportunity to become Lead Sponsor for annual event
  • Listing on AWFP Newsletter


How does your organisation benefit as a Corporate Sponsor?

Your organisation will enjoy many benefits including, but limited to:

  • Market Exposure: Increase brand awareness through a company highlight in AWFP online newsletter and through signage at all AWFP events
  • Recognition of ¬†Your Company: High profile promotions & speaking opportunities
  • Recruitment Advantage: AWFP will advertise your positions on the website and newsletter, which will in return help you recruit the best talent in the market
  • Employee empowerment: Your employees will have access to Female Leaders, Mentoring Program, Leadership & Development Programs as well as multiple webinars on different topics


Please contact us for more information on Corporate Sponsorship.