Advisory Board

Armed with years of experience in variety of topics, AWFP Advisory Board members bring on board tremendous amounts of expertise. Apart from defining the activities and programmes undertaken by AWFP, the Advisory Board is also in charge of picking speakers and defining the agenda for AWFPs events. The board reviews all awards applicants and votes for the best candidates to be awarded for making tremendous contributions to the industry as a whole.

MARTHA MGHENDI-FISHER- Founder African Women in FinTech & Payments


Founder- African Women in Fintech & Payments


Viola is the Co-founder & President, Ovamba,an Emerging markets focused marketplace funding and investment platform. Ovamba matches investors who want to invest in qualified African SMEs who need short term funding. Previous to this Viola was the co-founder and Managing Partner of Praxis Management Advisors LLC, and the Executive Director of Investor Communications and Marketing at Praxis Asset Management Advisors, LLC.


Co-founder & President, Ovamba: Africa’s Leading SME Funder

TOPYSTER MUGA- Senior Director, Financial Inclusion, Sub Saharan Africa- Visa


Senior Director, Financial Inclusion, Sub Saharan Africa- Visa

LEE ANN LANCASTER-Chief Commercial Office for Above the Fold


Chief Growth Officer for Mama Money

Get Involved?

There are many ways you can get involved with AWFP:

-Membership (Individual & Corporate)

-Country Ambassador

-Advisory Board

-Goodwill Ambassador